“More gems are revealed with continued exposure to the battle of dark and light”
Adam Mccann
Powerplay Rock & Metal Magazine

Lodestar is a two piece band hailing from Canada, crafting immersive Doom/Gothic Metal since their inception in 2020 amidst the pandemic’s chaos. Fronted by the captivating Kate Glock, whose haunting vocals and ethereal synth work lead listeners on a journey through darkened realms. Jensen Rodolfo seamlessly transitions between guitar, bass, and drums, infusing their compositions with depth and vigor. Their sonic tapestry marries the brooding essence of Doom Metal, the evocative allure of Gothic Metal, and the raw energy of Hard Rock, resulting in a mesmerizing blend of heaviness and melody. Inspired by the guiding light of a lodestar, their music serves as a beacon of hope and resilience, offering solace to weary souls seeking direction. With each release, including their acclaimed sophomore album ‘Event Horizon’, Lodestar captivates an ever-expanding audience, amassing over 37,000 YouTube views. Driven by a relentless pursuit of innovation, they continually evolve their sound, promising listeners an exhilarating journey with every new release.

“Pain and misery walk side by side the smooth and velvet voice giving the fan a different experience”
Metal Addicts.com

Kate Glock

With two parents who were into music when they were young, it was no surprise Kate became a musician. Her dad had a band where he played bass and her mom sang at school. Her father used to listen to a lot of various types of music in the car when she was a kid. ‘We travelled a lot, so I must have worked out some kind of taste in music back then and a general interest in it’. At the age of seven, Kate’s father bought a synthesizer which was put in her room. Where she would come up to it and press various keys, sometimes together which would make harmonies and that made her fascinated on how beautiful some of them sounded. So, she asked her parents to find her a music teacher.

Kate’s inspirations don’t come from only one genre. From Pop Rock bands like Savage Garden to Linkin Park and Evanescence. In later years she got into bands such as Disturbed, The Butterfly Effect and currently she is inspired by electronic music such as from Gary Numan.

In her spare time, Kate tries her hand at sculpting heads in scale of 1/6 of characters from various games, movies and tv shows. Kate also doesn’t mind hitting the gym occasionally, playing computer games, watching tv shows and going on long walks with her beautiful dog.

Jensen Rodolfo

Self-taught in playing guitar, Jensen never took music lessons when trying to figure out how to play. At the age of thirteen, he used to start learning how to play on his father’s guitar, which he used to play when he was younger. His early exposure to music came from his father’s collection of blue, rock and metal CDs which he found and used to play on an old CD player. Not until high school, Jensen started to take an interest in music. He played various talent shows playing covers from bands like Alter Bridge and Alice in Chains, and even played for this class in college.

Jensen’s inspirations mostly come from Metal and Hard Rock bands such as Alter Bridge, Creed, Sevendust, Tremonti and surprisingly Disco legends The Bee Gees. Later, he would be influenced by sub-genres such as Gothic Metal and Doom, including bands like Lacuna Coil, Candlemass, The River and Mercy Brown.

In his spare time, he mostly likes to write songs, listen to music and occasionally watch a good movie or read a nice novel.