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Collaborating for over a decade, Singer Song-Writers Linda Faye Carson & GoodShield Aguilar are the creative core of  Humboldt County's LodeStar.. Band members are gifted musicians, Caterina Delaisla, Rob Diggins & Jolianne Einem .
Signature Cosmic Folk-Grass style with heart-felt lyrics to tug at your heartstrings and infectious tunes to tap your toes to.
Utilizing a rich tapestry of life experiences and musical influences to weave into messages of connection, comfort & courage, LodeStar creates music that everyone can relate to and love.

Organic Homegrown Music, Naturally Good for You!

GoodShield Aguilar

Singer Song-Writer, Multi-Instrumentalist, arranger, Injuneer

GoodShield Aguilar is of Oglala lakota and Pasqua Yaqui origin. he has been a visual artist as long as he can remember, but discovered music as a teenager and he has made music and art a grounding point from which cultural identity could be expressed and environmental causes could be addressed, particularly with the yellowstone Buffalo (www.buffalofieldcampaign.org). Aside from playing with LodeStar, GoodShield plays as a solo acoustic artist, beating a driving bass drum while strumming a guitar and singing original song with native "chants" and spoken word, he can also be seen around the country (and recently, across the great pond) with his band 7th Generation Rise.



GoodShield is the creator of the 3-D Mayan calendar pictured

Linda Faye Carson

Singer Song-Writer--Guitar

Rooted in folk, rock, country and beyond...known around Humboldt County, CA for her organic, homegrown singing-songwriting and solo performances, Linda Faye plays various local events which have included a cameo at Reggae on the River in 2016 and with her band, LodeStar at  Humboldt Folklife Festival 2018 and Westhaven Center for the Arts 2019. She has performed for select audiences during tours in Europe 2016 and Mexico 2016 & 2017

Her current projects include the first LodeStar album, a collaborative lullaby album project and an “unplugged” solo album.

“My biggest blessing has been my ability not just to overcome adversity but to be able to transform it into something of value,” Linda Faye said. “Creativity is the key that unlocked that ability, harvesting all of my life experiences and making them rich fodder for songwriting sessions. I want to share that blessing through those songs.”




Katharin Meerle

Pianist Composer Vocals

Katharina Meerle is a pianist and composer from Bonn, Germany, who has also studied Social and Cultural Anthropology at the University of Vienna where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in 2012.

Music and Composition have always been an important part of her life and after she graduated from university she established herself as a self-employed pianist and composer in Vienna before moving to Northern California in 2016.

She has composed original music for various productions at the Ateliertheater, Vienna and has also performed regularly in famous Viennese Café houses and luxury hotels in Vienna and Switzerland. Her original compositions have been described as uplifting and mystical, taking the audience on journeys through fantastical realms of nature and beyond. 

Email: contact@meerlemusic.com
@meerlemusic (Instagram)


Rob Diggins

Synth Violin

Performance Artist/Rock’n’Roll Exhibitionist, Rob Diggins performs as a principal violinist/violist/soloist with Portland Baroque Orchestra, Musica Angelica Baroque Orchestra, and Corona del Mar Baroque Festival. He also performs with eViolin, SynthViolin, electric/acoustic guitars, tanpura and cornet, with Hip-Pop Postmodern Performance Artist, March Adstrum and the band, March and The Months; Activist and Psychedelic-folk-songstress, Joanne Rand; Kirtan Walla, Sitaram Dass; Kirtan Walla-Sound Healer, Shemaia Skywater, and the Skywater Kirtan Band; and Jazz trio, RLA.

Rob is featured on the recordings, Just Keep Going, and, Roses in the Snow and Drought - J. Rand, Violin Concertos by J. S. Bach for One, Two and Three violins - Portland Baroque Orchestra, and as a viola soloist in the 2013 film, Giacomo Variations (AmourFou, Vienna-Luxembourg) starring John Malkovich.  

He is a Bhaktin (devotional musician) and a Samayacharin (devoted teacher) guided by the Himalayan yoga tradition Parampara. In the summer of 2017 and 2018 he taught music and yoga in Kurdistan and Lebanon with the YES Academy. When not on the road, Rob teaches music privately, and yoga, in adult assisted living facilities as well as the Humboldt County Correctional Facility, Eureka, California.

Instagram: acharya.nightstar
facebook: Rob Diggins
Youtube: Rob Diggins Channel
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Jolianne Einem

Bass Guitar Violin

Bio to come