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  1. Urban Renewal

From the recording The Compilation Album

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This is a song for the broken hearted; it's a song for the destitute...


Urban Renewal by Linda Faye Carson

This is a song for the brokenhearted,
it's a song for the destitute.
It's a story of desperation,
of underbellies and ill-repute

Why oh why have we fallen?
Can The End be oh, so near?
Is there one chance in Hell?
We'll take it! Just get us out of here.


Many roads, many angles
Many choices made a bit too late
Rough-shod riders, lost and deadly
Whipping up some borrowed fate

Repeat chorus

In darkened doorways
haunted footsteps echo through this part of town
In Nightmare Alley, dolls are broken
All toy soldiers must fall down

Repeat first verse and chorus