From the recording Finally Leaving Fortuna

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Medicine for folks who are jammed into square holes when they are round pegs that need to roll.


Finally Leaving Fortuna
by Linda Faye Carson

I'm packing my bags. It’s time for me to go.
I'm leaving in the morning even though I love you so.
I’m leaving in the morning. Just like I said I would.
Finally leaving Fortuna, for good.

I'm for peace & love and rock & roll
And so much more.
I'm for everything that you are for...
but not Fortuna anymore.

I got unstuck from Lodi but stunk up old Gilroy.
Put in the slammer in Salinas; I won't go there no more.
I've left a lot of places; guess I'll leave one more.
Finally leaving Fortuna for sure.

Repeat Chorus